Closing time for one of the oldest pubs in Dublin McDaid's on D'Olier Street which is to cease trading.

Reporter Frank Hall chats to barman and owner John McDaid on the final day in McDaid's pub. Trade for the day was helping to fundraise for handicapped children. 

There'll be no more pints served in this ancient pub after tonight.

McDaid's pub has been standing for over 200 years and will be pulled down to make way for offices. 

John McDaid has been pouring pints since 1916. He tells Frank Hall about the popularity the pub had with the actors from the Theatre Royal and the Tivoli Theatre. They also chat about the death of the old bar in place of lounge bars. A philosophical and sombre John McDaid says

Well, you have to move with the times. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 27 March 1962. The reporter is Frank Hall.