A look at the growing use of the internet and the rising number of people visiting a virtual Irish pub.

It is envisaged that technology could transform the face of Irish tourism with internet users from around the world being coaxed out of cyberspace for a taste of the real thing.

Lord Mayor of Dublin, John Gormley, anticipates that soon everyone will be on the internet and it offers a great opportunity for Ireland to exploit the skills that exists here to promote Ireland abroad. Gormley notes that there are currently 30 million people using the internet and this figure is growing each day.

Justin Vincent, from VISUNET, comments that

Anyone from anywhere in the world can go into the virtual Irish pub sit at the pub chat table and they can speak to each other.

The virtual Irish pub can be visited from anywhere in the world. After only 3 months, 1,000 people a day are now visiting the virtual Irish pub and its twin site 'Ulysses', which offers a complete guide to Ireland.

RTÉ News Report broadcast 12 June 1995. The reporter is Peter Cluskey.