A Dublin pub offers customers a supervised crèche facility.

Grainger's pub in Baldoyle, Dublin makes history by becoming the first pub to offer its customers a supervised crèche facility on the premises.

A crèche with a difference

In 1993 Grainger's applied for planning permission to provide the country's first ever pub crèche. However, it was refused permission by Fingal County Council who said that a pub was no place for children. Just months later An Bord Pleanála intervened and permission was granted.

You pay a pound an hour and your young sons and daughters are supervised.

Publican Mark Grainger says they will be taking a very responsible approach to make sure the service is a success. Reporter John Murray also speaks to parents and children about the new service, which receives the thumbs up.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 3 March 1996. The reporter is John Murray.