Nine year old Kate Cotter from Douglas in Cork realises a dream and becomes a newsreader for the day.

Dear Youngline,

I would like to read the news in your Dream Machine and to meet Anne Doyle. I have a high reading standard. I'm 9 years of age and I'm not shy. 

Presenter, Ultan Guilfoyle introduces Kate to newsreader Anne Doyle, who takes her on a behind the scenes view of the RTÉ newsroom. Kate meets newsreader Charles Mitchel and is shown how the international and national news stories are sent to RTÉ through teleprinters. Kate also gets the opportunity to prepare and broadcast her own news bulletin with the help of Anne Doyle.

Kate Cotter from Cork went on to complete a Masters in Film & TV at Dublin City University and forged a successful career as a TV producer/director in the UK. 

The Dream Machine was a segment of 'Youngline' which allowed young viewers to write in to request for a dream to come true. In other episodes of Youngline, viewers got the chance to try out being a vet, train Driver and nurse for a day.

Youngline was a once weekly, half-hour magazine show for younger viewers. The first programmme was broadcast on Tuesday, 23 November, 1976 from 5.30 to 6.00pm. Youngline continued until May 1984.

This episode of 'Youngline' was broadcast on 1 February 1982.