Two young dreamers get to visit the Throne Room in Dublin Castle.

Maria Corbett and Sandra Quinn wrote to Youngline's Dream Machine asking to meet pop group ABBA in Sweden. Failing that, they requested to sit on a real throne.

Dear Youngline,
Me and my friend have always wanted to fly to Sweden to meet ABBA. And if that's not possible, could we sit on a real throne?

As their first request was a bit beyond the Youngline budget Maria and Sandra were whisked off to Dublin Castle in a Rolls Royce to sit on a throne. At the castle, they were met by Youngline presenter Ultan Guilfoyle who introduces them to Brendan who guides them to the Throne Room.

The throne, which is big enough for two, dates back to William of Orange and was built for the visit of King George IV to Ireland in 1821. 

The 'Dream Machine' offered ‘Youngline’ viewers the chance to write in and request for their dream to come true and today was the turn of Maria and Sandra.

This episode of 'Youngline' was broadcast on 23 November 1981. The presenter is Ultan Guilfoyle.

‘Youngline’ was a once weekly, half-hour magazine show for younger viewers. The first programme was broadcast on Tuesday, 23 November, 1976 and continued until May 1984.