Music video for 'The Bride Wore White' by Dublin band The Blades.

Living In A World That Makes Me Sad, Dream, Mad, Scream...

In March 1982 'The Bride Wore White' was released on Irish label Reekus as a double A-side single along with the song 'Animation'. 

Living in a world that makes me sad
I’m living in a world that makes me dream
I’m living in a world that makes me mad
This world makes me scream

In April 1982 this video for the single was broadcast on 'Youngline'. The black and white video was directed by  'Anything Goes' director Bob Collins and shows the band performing in a deserted flat complex in Dublin. Bob Collins also directed videos for The Boomtown Rats and Thin Lizzy.

Throughout their career the music of the Blades appeared on RTÉ Television programmes like The Late Late Show, Anything Goes, and TV GAGA. Their videos were later played on music show 'No Disco' and more recently on 'Pat Shortt's Music Off the Telly'.