'MT USA', Ireland's first music video programme, began on RTÉ 2 on 19 February 1984.

Presenter Vincent Hanley and producer Conor McAnally had been inspired by MTV and the growing popularity of music videos to create a weekly programme of their own showcasing all the latest videos with links from Hanley in New York.

The opening of an edition of 'MT USA' broadcast on 9 November 1986. The presenter is Vincent Hanley.

'MT USA' was produced by Green Apple Productions. Bill Hughes became a producer on the programme in 1985. It ran for three seasons until 1987, when Vincent Hanley died.

MT USA Vincent Hanley 1986
MT USA Vincent Hanley, 1986

RTÉ Guide, 17 February 1984
RTÉ Guide 17 February 1984