Celebrations in Dublin as boxer Michael Carruth wins Olympic gold medal in Barcelona.

Michael Carruth is the Olympic Welterweight Boxing Champion having beaten Juan Hernandez of Cuba to take gold in Barcelona. The reigning world champion Juan Hernandez was the favourite but it was the boxer from Greenhills in Dublin Michael Carruth that took the title.

His dream of Olympic gold focused the eyes of the nation on his family's front room.

Michael Carruth's family and friends, including his brother Austin, his mother Joan, his wife Paula and his triplet brothers Martin and William watched the fight at the family home in Greenhills. Fred Tiedt, the last Irish boxer to reach the final of an Olympic Games, also joined the Carruth family to cheer on Michael.

The familiar chant of "Olé, Olé, Olé" rang out from the Carruth family home. When Michael Carruth was declared the winner there was an outpouring of joy and cheers in the family home, and throughout Greenhills and the rest of Ireland. Colleagues of the new Olympic champion in the Defence Forces paid a fitting tribute with a helicopter fly by.

Joan Carruth, Michael's mother only emerged from her bedroom when she was sure that the fight was over. She is lost for words at the thought that her son is an Olympic champion.

Michael's brother says,

It's a great day for Greenhills. It's a great day for Ireland in general. It's a great day for boxing.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 8 August 1992. The reporter is Mark Little.