Barry McGuigan set to take on Eusebio Pedroza for the world featherweight title.

Ahead of the World Boxing Association featherweight fight at Queen's Park Rangers Stadium, Loftus Road in London on 8 June 1985 Barry McGuigan talks about the daunting task ahead and his chances of becoming a champion.

Barry McGuigan has been training like never before is looking forward to the challenge of fighting Pedroza. 

I have to be in the best shape of my life.

Manager Barney Eastwood recalls the first time he saw Barry McGuigan boxing as an amateur and recognising his strength but a lack of know how. Barry McGuigan lost his first professional fight when he was beaten by Peter Eubank. Ironically, it was at this point that Barney Eastwood became convinced that Barry McGuigan could be World Champion. The Monaghan boxers popularity he puts down to Barry McGuigan being a terrible likeable guy..

Whatever magic he has, I wish I had some of it.

American boxer Gerald Hayes, who has already fought Eusebio Pedroza is helping McGuigan with his preparations, describes the Panamanian's determination to win at all costs.

Barry McGuigan acknowledges the champion's boxing ability and says that he needs to have a number of strategies and tactics in approaching the fight.

He’s a master at going the fifteen round distance.

Eusebio Pedroza’s height gives him at least a two inch reach advantage. However Barry McGuigan is not fazed by this but rather his experience.

Having watched Pedroza fight in five different world titles, Barney Eastwood predicts it will be a long fight but is hopeful that his man will come out on top.

'Sports Stadium’ broadcast on 8 June 1985.

Barry McGuigan went on the beat Eusebio Pedroza to become World Champion.