On the 8 August, 1992 boxer Michael Carruth broke a thirty-six-year losing streak when he won gold for Ireland at the Olympics in Barcelona.

Carruth was the first Irishman to win a gold medal since Ronnie Delaney won at the Melbourne Olympics in 1956. Caruth beat Juan Hernández in the welterweight final. This was also the first ever gold medal for boxing.

Denis Barnett reports for 'This Week' with interviews with Michael's brother Fergal Carruth and boxer Billy Walsh.

As celebrations took place, the Carruth family home in Walkinstown, Dublin was thrown open to the media, friends,  neighbours, and strangers. Fergal Carruth, who is elated by his brother's victory, gave a blow by blow account of the fight. Michael's friend and rival, boxer Billy Walsh was also on hand to speak about Michael's win. 
This episode of 'This Week' was broadcast on 9 August 1992.