Mike Murphy has a go at being a lion tamer at Fossett's Circus.

Fossett's Circus ringmaster Teddy Fossett introduces Mike Murphy to lion tamer Carl Fischer. Carl Fischer has the task of teaching Mike Murphy to perform two lion taming tricks,

How to make them lie down and the awesome jump over the head routine.

Mike Murphy gets a feel for the task in hand by watching Carl Fisher and his six lions performing their act during their matinee performance.

Mike Murphy is then brought into the lions cage to get him acquainted with the lions. He works with three of the calmer lions Nero, Raja and Prince.

Carl Fischer has been injured many times by lions and shows Mike Murphy a huge scar he sustained at the beginning of the year. He was attacked because he fell down.

Prior to his lion taming debut at the evening circus show, Mike Murphy is reminded to ensure the lions remain in front of him and most importantly,

Don't fall down.

Ringmaster Teddy Fossett asks the audience for hush as Mike Murphy enters the cage. He highlights the risk the novice lion tamer is taking,

Any of the six lions might decide to pounce and should one attack him the remaining five would also join in.

Mike Murphy succeeds in encouraging Nero to jump over his head and both Nero and Raja lie down on his command.

At the end of the performance a very relieved Mike Murphy and his trainer Carl Fisher toast their success with a couple of glasses of champagne.

'The Likes of Mike' ran on RTÉ Television between 1972 and 1977. The programme featured regular musical guests and comedy sketches. This item was filmed in August 1976.

This episode of 'The Likes of Mike' was broadcast on 11 January 1977.

Mike Murphy performs a lion taming act in Fossett's Circus
Mike Murphy performs a lion taming act in Fossett's Circus