Fossett's is one of three remaining circus families in the country. Can the circus survive in a changing Ireland?

Fossett's Circus sets up camp in the west of Ireland. Circus director Edward Fossett talks about the rising costs of running a touring family circus but is optimistic about the future of circus as a form of entertainment.

Once there are children , there will always be a circus

Herta Fossett, who has been in the circus since the age of two,argues that the circus is an art form and should be officially supported as is the case in other European countries

Especially behind the Iron Curtain we are classed in the same category as the lawyers , the dentists.

This episode of Last House was broadcast on 21 September 1976. The reporter is Tom McGurk.

'Last House' was launched as a summer magazine programme featuring all the latest arts news in 1975. It was produced by John McColgan and presented by Tom McGurk and Áine O'Connor. It was so popular that it was converted into 'First House' for the autumn season, reverting to 'Last House' the following summer, when it was produced by Agnes Cogan.