A five year plan to upgrade Ireland's railway network comes at a time of financial instability and will impact on rail workers.

Changes to operating methods and technology are seen as essential if the railway network is to be maintained and successful into the future.

CIÉ chairman Liam St John Devlin outlines plans to encourage greater freight and passenger rail traffic. While confident in the company plan to increase rail traffic he does not expect to see a profit for CIÉ. It is important is that CIÉ contains any deficit rather than making a profit.

Our first aim must be to maintain an efficient railway system, a reasonable network and at the same time cut down on the deficit.

Liam St John Devlin also points out that the new plans will result in no loss of employment but will redeployment to other areas within CIÉ. 

We have planned retraining programmes for the individuals concerned and we have guaranteed to nobody will lose their job and everybody will be offered an alternative job.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 11 July 1974.