The robbery took place just eleven miles from Dublin at a small farm crossing on the main train line between Straffan and Hazelhatch.

Two hours before the robbery the thieves took over the bungalow belonging to the O'Toole family. The bungalow is located beside a gate which leads into a field beside the railway track. The O'Tooles were locked in a bedroom and the phone line was cut off. While still locked up, they heard a number of detonators exploding and the train stop. A short time later they heard a number of cars driving away from the scene of the robbery. Mrs O'Toole described the raiders as very polite and they even apologised for causing her and her children any inconvenience. 

When the train was stopped a tell-tale light at central control in Connolly Station signalled that the train had not moved and the controller rang the Gardaí.  Train guard Joe Connolly describes what happened. 

An RTÉ News report by John Howard broadcast on 31 March 1976.