At Fatima Mansions in Dublin's south inner city many residents live in fear.

'Today Tonight' reports on a state of deterioration at the Fatima Mansions flat complex. 

Built back in the 1940s these flats were once a real showpiece of Dublin Corporation.

For many of the first residents, Fatima Mansions seemed like a good place to settle down and bring up a family. However, this was not to be the case.

One elderly resident, Mrs Fitzpatrick tells of her terrifying experience after being mugged and burgled her own home.

He dragged me from the balcony and then threw me in the hall.

Sadly Mrs Fitzpatrick's story is not unique. 28 elderly residents say they too have been broken into at least once. 

Another elderly resident who lives alone, Mrs Maloney describes how her flat was ransacked.

Sometime me nerves just give on me. The locks in these places are not very good.

Again this fear that Mrs Maloney feels is commonplace in Fatima. 41 out of 51 pensioners living in Fatima claim to be living in fear. 

41 old people living in Fatima say they're afraid to go out, afraid of break-ins, or afraid of being attacked.

Another resident, who did not want to be identified, describes sleeping with a hammer under her bed to protect her family. Another woman carries a bread knife in her bag when she is out at night for fear of being attacked. 

231 householders say they are afraid of living in Fatima. That's 231 out of 347. A remarkable 67% in fear of their own neighbourhood.

This episode of 'Today Tonight' was broadcast on 2 February 1981. The reporter is Forbes McFall