Fatima Mansions, one of Dublin's most disadvantaged areas, is to receive a £100 million face lift as part of a government scheme to promote urban renewal.

The Fatima Mansions flats complex in Rialto was described by those who lived there in the 1960s as "a barracks".

The area gained a reputation for drugs in the 1970s but locals say this is not surprising considering their locality has been ignored by successive governments.

Fatima Mansions resident Deirdre Reid loves living there.

There’s good people in Fatima Manisons. I know it has a bad reputation but we’re coming over that.

The regeneration plans outlined by Taoiseach Bertie Ahern include the levelling of all existing flats, concrete wastelands will be transformed into parks and gardens, and there will be new sport and leisure facilities in the area. The residents are pleased with the plans but know the three month consultation period will be vital. According to Chairman of Fatima Groups United Joe Donoghue,

Residents are the people who know what’s best for them and that’s crucial they’re involved in the decision making process.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 18 February 2001. The reporter is Flor MacCarthy.