Christmas shopping on a budget at the Blanchardstown shopping centre.

David Whitford from Cork is Christmas shopping on a £20 budget. At the Blanchardstown Centre in west Dublin, he is assisted by 'Echo Island’ presenter Tom Ó Brannagáin. With over 124 shops to choose from, he is confident of finding presents for his parents and brother Ian.

The first stop is Tommy's Wonderland where David Whitford selects a Tamagotchi cyber pet for Ian to feed, clean and nurture. With a choice between a blue whale, a frog and a puppy. he decides the puppy Tamagotchi is the best bet.

It has more buttons and it probably will live longer.

With the puppy purchased the duo move on to Books Unlimited where David Whitford treats himself to a book on the Labrador Retriever dog breed. When in Roches Stores he finds the perfect silver plated picture frame for his parents.

With the £4 left over, David Whitford decides to buy Tom Ó Brannagáin a teddy bear to thank him for his help.

‘Echo Island’ was a young people’s television programme on RTÉ Network 2 that was broadcast as part of ‘The Den’. It was preceded by ‘Jo Maxi’ and followed by ‘Sting’ on Network 2. It first aired in September 1994 with two episodes a week and grew to four episodes a week - two in English and two in Irish - in 1995. It ran for six seasons and concluded in June 1999.

This episode of ‘Echo Island’ was broadcast on 2 December 1997.