Works of art can now be hung in the homes of the Dublin suburb of Blanchardstown thanks to the local public library.

One of County Dublin's newest libraries is situated in the busy Roselawn shopping centre in Blanchardstown, where the latest initiative a picture lending service is proving to be a great success. 

A wide selection of tastefully framed prints of old masters and modern art are available to library members. Each family can borrow one painting for three months, and exchange it for another one after that time if they so choose. 

Finglas public library also has art on offer, and its collection will be rotated with Blanchardstown to ensure a good selection is available to those who are looking for something to adorn the walls of their home. 

Blanchardstown also has a cassette tape library of classical, pop music and language tapes, and parents can bring their children to the Listening Post, a dedicated audio station in the library where junior members can listen to books on tape. 

These services, like so many others provided in public libraries across the country, are all free of charge. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 10 March 1980.