Brendan Balfe presents 'Off The Beat' a quiz show that challenges two teams with some musical tests.

The Off The Beat team captains are broadcaster Frank Hall and writer Hugh Leonard. Frank Hall is joined on his team by singer Rose Brennan and school teacher Edmond Lenihan. Hugh Leonard has composer Jimmy Kennedy and housewife Carmel Kennedy on his team.

Music is provided by the Jim Doherty Trio accompanied by Sonny Knowles on vocals.

Round one of the quiz consists of a deadly medley where the teams must identify five tunes in fairly fast succession. The initial letter of each song title spells out a word which the teams must identify.

This episode of 'Off The Beat' was broadcast on 5 January 1982. The presenter is Brendan Balfe.

'Off The Beat' was first broadcast on 16 March 1980.

The ingenious idea relies totally on the musical knowledge of the contestants.

The programme began life on RTÉ Radio in the summer of 1979 and was then adapted for television.

RTÉ Guide 9 May 1980, Off The Beat
RTÉ Guide 9 May 1980, Off The Beat