A musical light-hearted look at some of the issues facing the city of Dublin.

Fran Dempsey performs a parody of the well-known song 'The Dublin Saunter' which was written by Leo Maguire and made famous by the Irish actor Noel Purcell who recorded a version of it in 1940.

In this version a wry look is taken at the many issues which have beset the capital city in this decade - pollution, never-ending roadworks, a lack of parking spaces, and many dimensions of crime,

Dublin can't be heaven,
Joyriders aged 11,
And you're mugged on Stephen's Green,

There's no need to hurry,
But plenty need to worry,
Your car is gone no Garda to be seen.

This episode of 'Davis At Large' was broadcast on 23 February 1986.