Plans to transform the North Lotts area of Dublin city centre.

The North Lotts in Dublin city centre is a four acre area bordered Bachelor's Walk on the quays, Middle Abbey Street, Lower Liffey Street and Litton Lane. This area along the River Liffey was originally slob land.

In 1674 merchant Jonathan Amory leased a piece of land along the north bank of the River Liffey from the city authorities. He set about developing the area before dividing it into lotts and selling it to other developers, thereby giving the city centre portion of land the name North Lotts.

Now three centuries later the area has again become run down and is again in need of redevelopment.

Those proposing redevelopment are the 25 property owners in the area. They joined forces in 1968, united by fears about the value of their properties and restrictions on the opportunities to either develop or relocate their businesses elsewhere.

In 1970 the North Lotts Development Company was created and it has produced a £6.5 million scheme for a comprehensive redevelopment of the North Lotts. This proposal sees the North Lotts transformed into a vibrant area, including a hotel overlooking the Liffey and a block containing shops, offices, warehouses, residential flats and a car park below ground level.

Another important element of the development scheme is the widening of the road along Bachelor's Walk to almost double its present width. One potential stumbling block to the venture is Córas Iompair Éireann (CIÉ) who own extensive property in the area.

Will they come in on the deal, sell their property to the group, or stay on as they are and put a spanner in the works?

The developers hope that a compromise can be reached with CIÉ, possibly with the inclusion of a bus station within the new complex.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 5 February 1971. The reporter is Don McManus.