A new report on CIE recommends that the company be split as it no longer serves the needs of the country.

The McKinsey report recommends the setting up of; a national railway company to operate non-urban rail and freight services; a Dublin bus company; and a national bus company.

In light of the publication of the report 'Today Tonight' asks members of the public what they think of the service provided by CIE.

Brian Farrell takes to the streets to ask Dubliners for their opinions on the service provided by CIE, Ireland's public service transport.

One woman comments

I think it's brutal

Some of those interviewed comment that the problems with the service relate to the layout of the city, the need for private competition in the transport sector, and city centre traffic problems. Others place the blame for poor service entirely in the hands of CIE and believe the body should be broken up.

Complaints are nothing new for CIE, delays are frequent in a city service still based on the original tram routes.

Buses bunched like bananas wait their chance in the congestion of city streets. And the layout of the city doesn't help. Bisected by the Liffey, the inadequate network of bridges is just another addition to the problems of city commuter traffic. The lumbering buses wallow like elephants in an overcrowded jungle.

Among the complaints in recent years has been the frequent disruption in service caused by striking bus workers.

This episode of 'Today Tonight' was broadcast on 5 February 1981. The presenter is Brian Farrell.