Plans for new housing and the rejuvenation of inner city Dublin given the go ahead.

Dublin City Council's inner city committee has approved proposals to rejuvenate 14 acres of land covering the areas of Seán MacDermott Street, Waterford Street, Gloucester Place, Summerhill and Gardiner Street.

Two thirds of the 600 families in the area have already been rehoused elsewhere, and the remaining 200 families will be given new homes.

Some are unhappy that local people will not necessarily be rehoused in the area. Many of them do not want to live in social housing schemes in the Dublin suburbs.

They want somewhere still in the area.

Moving to the suburbs will be particularly difficult for elderly people who have always lived in the inner city. 

I’d say they feel sorry about like, moving out, you know, but I think it’s for their own good really.

The housing accommodation in the rejuvenated areas will include a mixture of housing blocks to replace the present buildings, no higher than five storeys. There will be special senior citizens apartments at Summerhill.

A large park in the Summerhill, Gardiner Street area is proposed along with playgrounds and a multi storey car park at the junction of Seán MacDermott Street and Marlborough Streets to cater for up to 600 vehicles.

One woman is unhappy with this particular aspect of the proposal as she believes it should concentrate on providing houses for the people of the area.

That’s what they actually need, not parks, houses.

The cost of the renewal project is estimated at £10 million. The plans are subject to approval from the Department of the Environment, Dublin Corporation departments and local residents.

Work is expected to begin in mid 1981 with the redevelopment of the area completed by 1984.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 5 March 1980. The reporter is Reg Cullen.