A new Dublin Corporation housing scheme is opened at Seán McDermott Street.

Lord Mayor Michael Keating, officially opened the local authority development at Gloucester Place and Seán McDermott Street in Dublin’s north inner city. During his address, he spoke of the high cost of local authority housing as each of the town houses cost £46,000.

Dublin Corporation's total expenditure on housing and maintenance is £93 million and it will only get back £14.5 million in rents. The Lord Mayor suggested local authorities could set up partially as building societies to give loans to applicants on housing lists, so they could rent or purchase on the open market.

The Lord Mayor described the housing scheme as a jewel in the heart of Dublin. However not all residents agree.

The architects who designed it should have done a lot more for the people who have to live in them.

Some residents complain that the development has too many stairs, the windows are unsafe for children and that the buildings lack side passageways.

Father Mick Casey, administrator in Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Seán McDermott Street welcomes the housing development.

Any community needs three legs, good housing, relevant education and employment possibility.

He regrets that the needs of communities are not backed up by the church, state and bodies such as the police. If they received support, rather than being viewed with suspicion, society would benefit as a result.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 23 June 1984. The reporter is Reg Cullen.