Low expectations on employment prospects for doctors and Dublin's inner city youths according to two surveys.

One of the survey authors Doctor Deirdre Kelly, says traditional emigration is now less of an option for medical graduates and they are increasingly staying in Ireland. This in turn has an effect on career prospects at home.

Doctor Edmund Carton admits medicine is a secure profession and there are very few unemployed doctors. However due to training schemes and structures of training for hospital doctors,

The junior doctor has to look for a new job on average once every six months and naturally this means that very often he won't get his first choice of job, and this in turn affects his long term career prospects.

In stark social contrast, a survey undertaken by the Sean MacDermott Street Youth Employment Action Group found that half the young people living in the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Dublin's north inner city are unemployed. The group held a press conference, demanding an industrial estate to provide 300-500 jobs, which they believe would raise morale and counteract vandalism in the area.

One young man present at the conference gave a personal message to the politicians in the form of a song about unemployment.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 4 June 1981. The reporter is Brendan O'Brien.