New housing estates across Dublin create new ways of living for their residents.

A survey of 249 housewives investigates how people feel about living in new urban housing estates.

The study found that respondents see less of their parents since they moved but only a tenth of these complained of loneliness. The survey also found that housewives living in these new housing estates have come to rely more on their husbands and less on their neighbours.

The picture which emerges is one of general contentment and happiness. It's a picture of families happily settling into their new homes.

The survey finds that problems are solved through family solidarity and community cooperation.

The new homes are better than their previous ones but naturally, the housewives would like bigger kitchens.

According to the survey director Dr Conor Ward, the picture drawn is largely favourable but there are flaws in the fabric of life which could be addressed through planning and community organisation.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 15 May 1969. The reporter is Barry Linnane.