The living conditions of some Travellers leaves families exposed to the weather and prone to illness.

Celtic Film Productions present an episode of 'Enquiry' looking at the morals of housing in Ireland. The programme is an enquiry into the problems of housing the aged and the poor. The opening scenes show a variety of poor living conditions in Dublin.

Mrs Healy describes the poor living conditions in which members of the Travelling community live. Families are living in make-shift rag tents or shacks made from scrap material. The lack of proper housing results in exposure to the elements and threats to health.

This episode of 'Enquiry' was broadcast on 3 February 1965. The reporter is Miriam Hederman. The ballad is sung by Fionnuala Mac Lochlainn.

The Morals of Housing was made by Celtic Films for the series Enquiry. It was produced by Hugh Spencer-Phillips, and directed by Tom Hayes. .