Members of the Traveller Community traditionally a nomadic people are choosing to settle and live in houses.

'Tangents' looks at life for settled Travellers in Sligo versus the life of the Traveller living under canvas at the side of the road.

Mrs McDonagh talks about life as a settled Traveller in Sligo and how life for her family is different to the lives lived by Travellers on the road. She would encourage those living on the roadside to give it up in favour of a settled life which offers better comfort and opportunities.

It's very hard bringing up a family on the road.

Mrs McDonagh's granddaughter Mary Sweeney has never lived under canvas and is currently looking forward to the completion of her new house. Mary Sweeney is a proud Traveller who has never lived on the road.

I haven't travelled but I am a Traveller.

As a settled Traveller, Mary Sweeney has had the opportunity to complete her education to Intermediate Certificate level and subsequently got a job as a bookkeeper in a local office. Like her grandmother, she urges Travellers to settle down especially for the sake of their children. Her husband John is also a proud Traveller but prefers to keep his background quiet.

This episode of 'Tangents' was broadcast on 29 January 1974.