Many families of the Irish Travelling community are living in very poor conditions.

'Frontline' investigates the problems facing Traveller families housed on local authority sites. Reporter Michael Ryan visits the authorised corporation caravan park at Well Park in Galway.

Mrs. Teresa Mangan lives in a make shift shack with her eleven children, with many other families living in similar situations on the site. Michael Ryan comments that

This supposed caravan park is in fact a depressing jungle of shacks, caravans, cannibalised motor cars, rubbish and rubble.

The MacDonagh family, who also live on the site, split fourteen family members between a shack and a Galway corporation tigeen, which is pitted by rat holes.

For the eighty one people living on the site, there is one modern facility a water tap.

Michael Ryan talks to a member of the council about what the council plans to do about the living conditions of the Travellers.

This episode of 'Frontline' was broadcast 30 October 1978. The reporter is Michael Ryan.