In 1965 the programme 'Discovery' looked at the plight of travellers in Ireland. The programme visits two campsites to see how their communities live.

These are Irish families, Irish faces. Maybe the purist Irish that there are.

This clip from the programme shows Itinerants at a roadside camp. Brian Cleeve describes the culture of begging that exists in the travelling community, describing it as almost the only education they will ever have. The programme comments on traveller education and the general treatment of travellers by the rest of society. Travellers describe their living conditions, and the treatment they experience at the hands of settled people which necessitates their constant travelling. Narrator, Brian Cleeve, also provides a brief history of the travellers and their way of life. 

These are Itinerants. To their enemies, tinkers, trash. To their few friends they are the travellers. The people of the roads...

One farmer, on whose land the "tinkers" have settled describes them as "an awful nuisance". 

Peter Kennerley, producer of 'Discovery', wrote an article for the RTV Guide ahead of the broadcasting of the programme on Telefís Éireann. 

RTV Guide, 23 April 1965
RTV Guide, 23 April 1965

This episode of 'Discovery' was broadcast on 30 April 1965, with narration by Brian Cleeve.