Evictions, poor housing conditions, or homemade shelters is life for many as Dublin struggles to provide affordable homes for its citizens.

Following years of institutional living, 70 year old Lena Doyle, a tough, independent, resilient woman found herself living on the streets of Dublin. At one point she happily resided in an old shed. When this was pulled down, she constructed a make-shift shelter out of the debris. Home then became an upturned car on Newmarket Street. Lena would love to be housed in a cottage in the country, but if she could get a stable or a yard in County Dublin she would take it.

The Robinson family have been evicted from their family home. Charlie Robinson grew up in the house from the age of three years old, and his mother was the legal tenant. Charlie moved to England for work and when he returned to Dublin with his wife and their two children, they moved in with Charlie’s mother. She signed the house over to her son before emigrating to Australia. However, as Charlie is not the legal tenant the family have been evicted, just before Christmas. The Robinsons always paid their rent and feel they are victims of Dublin Corporation bureaucracy.

They made me an offer of Mount Pleasant Buildings and I wouldn't take it, it's like a prison.

The Robinson family moved their furniture to Mount Pleasant Buildings but abandoned it to live with relatives.

Unfortunate circumstances bring people to Mount Pleasant Buildings, a block of Corporation flats in Ranelagh in Dublin. Most people are in these flats are there because they have been evicted, or because they are in the same circumstance as the Robinson family. Opinions of the residents of Mount Pleasant on their housing conditions are mixed. 

A woman with a large family was living in Ballyfermot but had to leave as she owed rent. Now she and her nine children live between in one room, a kitchen and a bedroom. Another woman agrees the flats are not suitable for big families as there is no privacy. One man says,

To me it's like Mountjoy Prison with the exercise yard and the handball alley.

Another man who has lived in Mount Pleasant Buildings for 22 years is happy with his lot.

There’s worse places to live.

This ‘Newsbeat’ report was broadcast on 21 December 1967. The reporter is Cathal O’Shannon.