Life for residents of a Benburb Street lodging house run by Dublin Corporation.

A report on the living conditions for elderly men at a Dublin Corporation lodging house on Benburb Street. Some of the residents have been living there for as long as twenty years.

At a cost of one shilling per night, The Model Lodging House accommodates eighty-four men. An official from Dublin Corporation describes the facilities on offer include a common room, kitchen and lockers for the lodgers. 

Most of the men we take in here are elderly men and men with small incomes.

Some of the elderly residents describe the living conditions in Benburb Street. 

They endeavour to make things as homely as possible.

The doors of the lodging house shut each night at 11 pm after which there is no access. The rules of the house are strict when it comes to drunkenness but as one lodger points out he wouldn't be able to afford to drink on his income. He manages to subsidise his income taking work here and there when it's
available. One such job was working as an extra on the film 'Sinful Davey' in Ardmore Studios for a fee of four pounds ten a day.

This is the only lodging house run by the Dublin Corporation.

This report shows exterior shots of other lodging houses in Dublin including The Salvation Army and The Morning Star. 

This episode of 'Seven Days' was broadcast on 17 October 1967.