Statues of homeless people go on display in Dublin as part of a European initiative to highlight homelessness.

Ten bronze statues have been placed around Dublin city centre as part of a European campaign to highlight the problems faced by homeless people.

The exhibition has been brought to Ireland by 'Focus Ireland', who say that the economic crisis has increased demand for its services. The statues were made by Danish artist Jens Galschiøt and are touring Europe to highlight issues surrounding homelessness. The sculptures are in Ireland for three weeks before continuing their tour of Europe.

According to Joyce Loughnan of Focus Ireland there are around 5,000 people who are homeless in Ireland and this number is growing on a daily basis. Des Murphy, who has used the services of Focus Ireland, feels that the statues give a human face to the reality of homelessness saying

Each face tells a story... basically it shows pain.

Focus Ireland say that urgent action is required to help people to find and secure homes.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 3 August 2011. The reporter is Sinéad Crowley.