Doctor Bill Tormey calls for a total ban on the sport of boxing.

For years, there have been disputes amongst the medical profession over whether or not boxing can be made safer. The British Medical Association has led a long running campaign to get boxing banned and this April the Irish Medical Organisation passed a motion calling on the sport to be outlawed.

Dr Bill Tormey is a consultant chemical pathologist at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin. He is one medical professional who has voiced concerns over the sport describing boxing as legalised savagery.

As long as people want to beat each up with blows to the head, it's going to be dangerous and it’s going to cause concussion which is a modified, a small amount of brain damage.

Dr Bill Tormey says that boxing is fundamentally different from other sports as its objective is to inflict damage on your opponent.

The pro boxing lobby argues that statistics show that boxing is safer than other sports such as horse riding.

The debate comes to the forefront following the death of Scottish boxer Jim Murray who died as a result of a bleed on the brain on 15 October 1995.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 16 October 1995. The reporter is Gareth O’Connor.