Defence Forces take part in cordon and search exercises in Mayo.

The Defence Forces are in training in the north west of Ireland. Personnel are deployed in Clydagh Woods and a checkpoint is in operation near Castlebar.

The units involved were the 4th Brigade Headquarters Athlone, the 4th Infantry Battalion Cork and the 1st Infantry Battalion Galway. This was just one in a series of exercises held throughout the country during the year.

The woodland search was overseen from the air and on the ground by army officers with support from the Gardaí.

Backing up the Gardaí is one of the army's two roles. The other is to defend the state against external aggression.

This is a test of operational readiness as troops are only given twenty four notice before being sent into action.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 28 May 1985. The reporter is Cathal Poirtear.