A look at the strength of the Irish Army and its role in defending Ireland from attack.

A reserve of trained men should always be maintained in the country.

The programme provides a breakdown of the numbers in the Irish Army by rank in 1963. There were 1,072 Commissioned Officers, 2,904 Non-Commissioned Officers, and 4,473 Privates and Cadets. The total number in the reserve defence force was 19,342. The Air Corps has 500 men and 26 planes, while the naval service has 300 men. The Civil Defence Volunteer Service has 17,246 members.

The report includes vox pops with people of differing views talking about what they consider the role of the army in Ireland to be.

This report by John O'Donoghue for 'Sixty Five' was broadcast on 11 March 1965.

'Sixty Five' was RTÉ's main current affairs programme covering domestic and international stories.