Irish soldiers on Untied Nations duty in Cyprus.

 Labhrann Kevin O'Kelly le Lieutenant Todd faoi na saighdiúirí eile agus a gcuid oibre.

Sa buíon seo atá agamsa, tá cuid acu don céad cathair lán-Gaeilge, Gaillimh...dar ndóigh tá an Gaeilge á úsáid ag cuid dosna fir as an cathair sin freisin.

Many of the soldiers are from the Gaeltacht and talk Irish amongst themselves, though they have little opportunity to speak it during their duties.

The UN checkpoint is on a strip of land between Greek and Turkish fields near the village of Pergamos. The potential for trouble arises when persons carrying arms are sighted by the Irish soldiers, regardless of what side they come from. The soldiers engage with them and request that they return to their villages.  

Kevin O'Kelly points out that Irish was used as a secret code in the Congo, but Lieutenant Todd tells him they were not long cracking it.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 5 May 1964. The reporter is Kevin O'Kelly.