Irish soldiers parade at the Curragh Camp prior to departing for peace keeping duties with the United Nations Force.

Taoiseach Sean Lemass was at the Curragh Camp to reviewed the Cyprus bound troops from the 40th Infantry Battalion.

550 soldiers were on parade from the Eastern, Western and Southern Commands and from the Curragh Training Camp.

The ceremony began with the blessing of the Battalion's pennant, bearing the inscription of the 40th Battalion, by Very Rev Fr Patrick Duffy, Head Chaplain of the Armed Forces. 

The pennant was then presented to Comd John Stewart of Woodford in County Galway, second in command of the Battalion. Comd Stewart handed the pennant to the Battalion's youngest officer 21 year old Lieut Carl Dodd from Mallow. 

Over the past two weeks, the soldiers have gone through a tough training regime at the Curragh and now they are fit and ready.  

Mr Lemass, alongside Minister for Defence Mr Gerald Bartley and Minister for Foreign Affairs Frank Aiken, were welcomed by Lieutenant General Sean McKeown, Chief of Staff alongside top ranking army officials.

Mr Bartley addressed the soldiers stressing their responsibility on the peace-keeping mission to Cyprus. 

The 40th Battalion Pipe Band and the Curragh Command Band sounded the Taoiseach's salute and Mr Lemass reviewed the troops. 

The ceremony concluded with the Taoiseach taking the salute at the march past of the unit. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 17 April 1964.