Eddie Izzard talks about working with Hollywood stars, coming out to his father and why England being part of the European Union is the way forward.

With the heist film ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ complete, Eddie Izzard tells Pat Kenny about being offered the part of Roman Nagel by producer Jerry Weintraub, and the downtime he spent with fellow actors George Clooney, Elliott Gould and Brad Pitt,

We were playing poker on the rooftop of the Russie Hotel in Rome every night...that was fun.

On the subject of transvestism, Eddie Izzard has not found it is a barrier when it comes to meeting women,

They seem to be rather more positive than I thought actually.

Eddie Izzard says his father's reaction to the comedian's coming out as a transvestite was much better than he had expected. They had been to see their team Crystal Palace play a match, and Eddie had made up his mind to tell his father, but had second thoughts as they were surrounded by hordes of football fans. The right moment presented itself in an empty spot in a Croydon café, 

He was really cool, I was not expecting it, he just said ‘Ok.’

Fans of his live shows will be relieved to hear that has no plans at all to retire from standup, and intends to do it forever, in addition to forging ahead in his acting career, 

I’ve always wanted to do film, so I have to work really hard at the film to get better roles.

This episode of The Late Late Show was broadcast on 8 October 2004. The presenter is Pat Kenny.