Billy Connolly displays his fashion flair and talks about living in France.

Scottish comedian Billy Connolly is a guest on The Late Late Show and introduced by host Gay Byrne 

He is wonderfully handsome. He is superbly talented. He is so tall and good-looking, women can not resist him. They become his slaves no matter where he happens to be and the secret is that he can make the woman of his choice laugh.

Dressed in an animal print suit, Billy describes his outfit and his ongoing issues with men's clothes and does a twirl to show off his threads. 

Billy has just returned from Australia, where his partner Pamela Stephenson is currently working. He has been living in France where he has been spending his time writing. Billy doesn't drink anymore and says

I've gone from wino to living in a vineyard.

This episode of The Late Late Show was broadcast on 24 April 1987. The presenter is Gay Byrne.