Graham Norton is already finding success on television and radio in Britain. As a guest on 'Kenny Live' he talks about his career to date.

Arriving on set Norton compliments the audience on their youthfulness and jokes

Often when you do these things the front row looks like a day trip to Lourdes.

They discuss his move from Ireland to Britain and Graham reveals that he is in fact from Dublin and not Cork, as most people think. Graham was born in Walkinstown and at a young age moved to Cork.

Initially he left Ireland to go to drama school in London with plans on becoming an actor. 

Mid conversation Graham stops looks at Pat and says

I'm being distracted Pat, you great big throbbing sex god.

Continuing his tangent, Graham recalls a time when Pat was a newsreader saying

There was no bad news when Pat read the news.

After training as an actor, Graham had a few attempts at acting before deciding it wasn't really for him. He decided to become a comedian. 

It is much worse to watch someone dying than to die.

Despite this, Graham made quite an impact in his acting role as Father Noel Furlong on the critically acclaimed comedy series Father Ted.

This episode of 'Kenny Live' was broadcast on 8 March 1997.