Creating wall murals and courses in computer training are part of the projects being run for young people in Dublin's south inner city.

Training courses run by St Audoen's Community Co-operative are helping to combat social and employment problems in the area.

St Audoen's National School in the Liberties in Dublin is the headquarters of a number of different projects organised by St Audoen's Community Co-operative. Youth enterprise worker Michael Swords is involved with two courses for young people in the area, originally run by the training authority AnCO.

Mural painting in the Oliver Bond flats and a number of other developments in the area was developed into a six month course. The course also included the carving and installation of benches in the flat complexes. Participants on this course were from the locality and developed a sense of pride in their area.

At the same time the Co-operative ran a computer course for 14 young people with no formal educational qualifications. Michael Swords noticed the very strong motivational effect computers had on the course participants who

Began to take an interest in other things which they had previously rejected.

Trainees from the computer course went to St Audoen's National School to pass on some of what they had learned to the children.

We hope that eventually people may realise that they can control their own environment without waiting for the Government or the Corporation or industrialists to do it for them and I think that can have a profound effect.

'Jobsuss' was a ten-part series first broadcast on 25 January 1984 and repeated later the same year. The series featured people working in small businesses, local community enterprises or running their own business. It was made by RTÉ in association with the Youth Employment Agency and AnCO. It was produced by Claire O’Loughlin and presented by Dave Fanning and Susan Byrne.

This episode of 'Jobsuss' was broadcast on 13 August 1984.