Singer, songwriter and musician Enya is surprised but delighted by her spectacular success in the British single and album charts.

Appearing on the first episode of ‘Nighthawks’, Enya is enjoying her new found success in the British charts. Her album ‘Watermark’ is at number 46 and the first single from the album ‘Orinoco Flow’ is at number 29.

It’s a wonderful feeling after those months on end in the studio, yes it’s really nice.

When Enya left school, she joined her siblings in their band Clannad. She left the band in 1982 and joined producer Nicky Ryan and lyricist Roma Ryan in a creative and business partnership. Despite spending just two years in Clannad, she still gets asked about the band.

I wish now I could be looked upon as Enya, as a person.

She loves seeing her family and going home to Gweedore in Donegal and is grateful for the time she spent in Clannad, but after two years on the road with the band,

It was time for Enya to start her own career.

Born Eithne Ní Bhraonáin she is known professionally as Enya but insists

There is no two people for me.

When Enya is not working in the studio, her ideal way to relax is

Sitting on my own in silence, that’s how I would like to spend an afternoon, with a nice glass of dry white wine.

A number of people worked on Enya’s image but ultimately what she wears is her own decision as it is important she feels comfortable.

What Enya’s happy with is what she’s going to wear.

Although Enya’s solo career has taken off quicker than imagined, she is more than ready for it and hopes to perform concerts as she misses being on stage.

‘Nighthawks’ was a programme that was set in a bar/cafe where the presenter Shay Healy was also the proprietor. The content was a mixture of comedy sketches, interviews, music performances and music videos.

‘Nighthawks’ was broadcast between 1988 and 1992 and went out three nights a week.

This episode of ‘Nighthawks’ was broadcast on 11 October 1988. The presenter is Shay Healy.