Russian ships carrying radioactive material have passed through Dublin Port.

The Inzhener Sukhorukov arrived in Dublin Port carrying general cargo along with thirteen empty containers for the transportation of uranium hexafluoride, a material used in the production of nuclear fuels. This radioactive material is shipped between the Soviet Union and Britain. While the containers are empty today, they have carried uranium hexafluoride on previous stopovers in Dublin. 

It is known that this type of very low level radioactive gas does come through the Dublin Port on occasions.

So, how dangerous is the material? Charlie Bird asked John Cunningham Assistant Chief Executive of Nuclear Energy Board.

Uranium is only very mildly radioactive. However, it is chemically toxic and if it hits water then it does react with water and hence does require very careful handling.

It is the job of the Nuclear Energy Board to make sure that any such materials that arrive in Dublin Port are being transported safely. 

An RTÉ News reports on 24 September 1988. The reporter is Charlie Bird.