There are plans to build a bunker in Galway in the event of a nuclear attack. With a limited capacity who should be given access?

Bill O'Herlihy went on to the streets of Galway to ask people for their thoughts on the bomb and who they think should have a place in the city's only nuclear shelter.

I hope our blessed lady and her divine son will stop it.

While not everyone is living in fear of a nuclear attack the Civil Defence is preparing for the worst.

600 of them give their hours of leisure to thoughts and plans for the day of disaster. The day the world goes mad and fear becomes terrifying fact.

The Civil Defence now has plans for a H bomb bunker or fallout shelter in the basement of a vocational school which has yet to built. The planned shelter will hold just 55 people and no one knows exactly who they will be. The bunker is to be a county control centre or an administrative hub in the event of a nuclear war. The people of Galway have their own ideas about who should get a place in the shelter. One man suggests,

I think nuns, priests, women and children should be catered for.

Stephen Devaney Vice President of the Galway Trade Union Council is sceptical that there is any need for a bunker and thinks the scheme is a mad one. 

I think putting something like that under a school is really mad.

Mayor of Galway Brendan Holland gives his views on who should get a place in the bunker in the event of an emergency. He also clarifies that he has absolutely,

No idea what a nuclear bomb consists of and what the consequences are.

This 'Newsbeat' report broadcast on 6 December 1966. The reporter is Bill O'Herlihy