A group of five Japanese monks and an American born Buddhist nun hold a religious ceremony at Carnsore Point, County Wexford to protest against nuclear power. The group are highlighting the dangers of nuclear power and nuclear war.

One of the monks, Brother Kato, talks to Michael Ryan about the reasons for the protest and the fact that the Japanese have first hand experience of the catastrophic impact that a nuclear bomb can have. Carnsore Point is the proposed site for a nuclear power plant and the group are protesting at the potential
dangers of such a development. 

Brother Kato
Brother Kato

Their protest involves chanting and placing flowers and garlands from Hiroshima on the site. 

The group will continue on to Dublin and the USA and then on to Tokyo for the International Congress of Religious Workers on Nuclear and General Disarmament. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 2 October 1980.