The Nuclear Energy Board (NEB) has published a report claiming that radioactive discharges from Sellafield do not pose a threat to people eating fish caught in the Irish Sea.

The NEB report titled 'Radioactivity Monitoring Of The Irish Marine Environment' is the result of three years of monitoring the Irish marine environment by the NEB. The report claims that discharges of radioactive effluent from the plant do not represent a hazard to people eating fish caught up in the Irish Sea.

Tom O'Flaherty, Chief Executive of the NEB says that the level of risk in eating fish is very small and not regarded as a serious hazard.

Greenpeace say that no levels of radiation, linked to discharges from the Nuclear Plant in Sellafield in Cumbria, can be safe. Helen Kingham, Greenpeace Ireland, says that there is always a risk when food is radioactive and she calls for re-processing to stop at the Cumbrian Nuclear Plant.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 15 August 1991. The reporter is Bob Powell.