The wait is finally over as students receive their Leaving Certificate results.

Students give RTÉ News their reactions to the Leaving Certificate results.

One girl admits she was very nervous about her results.

In fact, the closer it got to the time of the results the worse I thought I’d done.

She had built herself up to do badly so, 

It’s a shock to have done so well.

One boy who is off to call his parents with his good news, was sick to his stomach before he received his results. 

You cant anticipate anything, you have to underestimate.

He will be going out celebrating his success, as will another girl who is also happy with her results. She will be going to Blinkers nightclub in the Leopardstown Racecourse,

To let out some of the tension that had been building up.

Not so happy with his results is a boy who needed 16 or 17 points to go to University College Dublin (UCD) to study computer science or commerce. He is planning to repeat his exams.

Hopefully do it again and get it right next time.

His friend is also somewhat disappointed as he did not get his first choice of Economic and Social Studies in Trinity College Dublin, however he hopes to have enough points to do commerce.

It’s not too bad, it could be worse.

Another girl who is delighted with her own results feels bad for those who are disappointed.

What can I say to them you know, like try again next year, you can’t really say, you know, anything to them.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 11 August 1983. The reporter is David Pate.