What is the best approach to answering questions in an exam?

June is the month for the state Leaving and Junior Certificate exams in Ireland. Back in 1980 'Exam Fever' presented by Pat Kenny spoke to some students who give their experiences on the best approach to answering exam questions.

In this episode 'Exam Fever' looks at 6 mistakes made in exams and provide 6 corresponding pieces of advice. The advice given back in 1980 is obvious but still valid and includes:

1. Don't panic.
2. Read the exam paper correctly.
3. Budget your time for each question.
4. Identify the point of each exam question.
5. Lay out your answers properly.
6. Re-check your answers.

'Exam Fever' was a six part series looking at best practice in exam situations for second and third level students. 'Exam Fever' was produced by Adrian Moynes and Tim Lehane.

This clip from episode 5 of 'Exam Fever' was broadcast on RTÉ Radio on 24 May 1980.