Tom Roche believes charging motorists to use bridges and roads is a way to finance an upgrade in Ireland's transport infrastructure.

A business consortium headed by Tom Roche, former Chairman of Cement Roadstone Limited, plans to build toll roads and bridges around Dublin, if land acquisition issues can be ironed out.

The first toll bridge if given final approval by Dublin Corporation, will span the Liffey at East Wall Road and Ringsend and have an approach along the south side of the Liffey bank.

When operational, the toll bridge will not initially make a profit.

I think it will take about six years to pay for itself and after that it should be free of debt.

Tom Roche thinks other parts of Ireland could similarly benefit from toll bridges.

Cork is the next most obvious place for a bridge of this kind.

The estimated cost of the Dublin bridge is between two and two and a half million pounds and, at present costings, motorists would have to pay 20p and trucks and commercial vehicles 50p to use the facility.

Tom Roche would like to see toll roads around the country and the could be the Naas by-pass in County Kildare, looping four miles around the town.

The Minister for the Environment Sylvester Barrett has suggested the road could be built by tolls, but the idea is not popular with local people who do not like the idea of paying to drive around their own area.

However it would be a solution to the extreme traffic congestion, noise and fumes that afflict Naas and other Irish towns.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 11 August 1978. The reporter is Seán Carberry.